Bermax Capital was created to address the immediate needs of crypto-funded institutions which require working capital to run their businesses but who, for various reasons, are reluctant to convert their crypto holdings into mainstream currencies.

We offer a hands-on concierge-type service so you, the borrower, know you are dealing with real people who have your best interests in mind.

Our loans are custom tailored to each borrower and we offer a multitude of options so the terms are right for you.

Offering individual support for companies looking for loans and aiming to keep things simple and secure.

Specializing in offering concierge-type lending services for crypto-backed companies.

Loans are set at $100,000 minimum, allowing for crypto-rich companies to seek the support they need.

Bermax Advantage

Bermax Capital

  • Expertise is on large loans ($100,000 minimum)
  • Loan application is simple with under 48 hour approval times
  • Discounted rates on refinancing
  • International exposure
  • Loans in USD with EUR and other currencies available soon
  • Loans against BTC and ETH with other cryptocurrencies coming soon
  • Once loan is initiated, the borrower has to do nothing until maturity. All interest is collected and paid out of crypto collateral. Set and forget

Traditional Crypto Lenders

  • Most lenders are in development stage with minimal loan exposure
  • Approval process for large loans is undetermined due to focus on smaller loans
  • Fixed rates throughout
  • Some international exposure on smaller loans
  • Only USD loans
  • Onerous and difficult onboarding process

Approval within 48 hours of the application being filled out.

Borrower transfers BTC or ETH collateral to Bermax Capital cold storage.

Bermax Capital transfers USD to borrower supplied bank account.

Interest is deducted monthly directly from collateral.

Principal repayment via direct wire transfer or deducted from collateral.

The Fine Print

All loans provided by Bermax Capital are 50% loan to value.

Drop of 30% of the underlying crypto asset will create a “trigger” whereby borrower must replenish the collateral to minimum requirements.

Borrower can withdraw additional provided collateral if the crypto asset appreciates 30% above the initial collateral price.

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